Consultation & Training

Paraasara Institute of Astrological Studies and Research provides class room training in Advanced Numerology and Predictive Astrology, besides rendering consultation in both astrology and numerology.

Consultation is provided on following subjects:

  1. Horoscope matching
  2. Names for news born babies as per Advanced Numerology
  3. Name change
  4. Names for Business entities
  5. Astrological chart reading on specific issues such as children, job, foreign travel, marriage, conjugal relations.
  6. Health
  7. Muhurta advice

Training and consultation enquiries can reach us at:

 We are located at:

Flat No: 201, Arunasree Residency
Raod No :20
# 1-6-39 / 111 / 103
Venkatasai Nagar Colony
West Venkatapuram
Telangana State
I N D I A-500 015

Phone: 9618 243 729


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