Paraasara Institute of Advanced Numerology and Paraasara Institute of Astrological Studies and Research have been providing training in numerology and astrology respectively since 2003. Importance is given to predictive methods in both the subjects so that the trained would be able to put to use their knowledge in a practical way. While Vedic astrology is a time-tested ancient predictive science, numerology is a subject of research developed on the traditional astrological base. Training is imparted in class rooms and also through e-mail lessons. We also undertake home tuitions in Hyderabad.

Know the Trainer J. U. B. Sastry !

J.U.B Sastry was honoured with the most prestegious Nostradamus Award for the year 2003-04 by the India’s most prestegious and widely circulated English astrological monthly Express Star Teller published from Chennai, India. For more details, see the March 2007 issue of Express Star Teller.

What others say about the trainer / author:

1.”Sastry has linked astrology to numerology through the Dasha applications.The new theory proposes that the Dasha system can be applied to numerology too, after assigning the person a numerical ascendant based on his birth date.”

— Deccean Chronicle issue dated Sept 19, 2004 ( Deccan Chronicle is the largest circulated English daily in South India)

2.”Except for J.U.B.Sastry who predicted the victory of Congress, most of the astrological community failed.”

–Editorial comment in the July 2004 issue of Express Star Teller, India ‘s most prestigious astrological monthly published from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.(The comment is on the prediction made by J.U.B.Sastry on the 2004 Parliamentary elections six months in advance. The related article was published in the 2003 December issue of Express Star Teller ).

3.”It is said that our ancient wisdom is sound but what is needed is reinterpretation, reorientation of those percepts to suit modern changing socio political and economic conditions. This calls for research in depth. Sri J.U.B.Sastry is one of such researchers in present days.”

— A.V.Sundaram, National Joint Secretary, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.


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